Molten Hearts - Sterling silver 925, oxidized and slightly polished.
The st. silver claps are included.

 E002 -  E003 - E004

Big hearts made of sterling silver sheet (E002) - Chain, made of tiny hearts (sterling silver & bronze wire)(E003) - Red hearts filled with resin.
 The earwires are from sterling silver too.


  Sterling silver sheet - I apologize for the lack of photos on this pair of earrings, but I am about to reproduce it! 


"Tiny chairs" - Sterling Silver and bronze wire - The claps are included.

E007 - E019

Sterling silver sheet, handpainted and covered with liquid glass.


Sterling silver skulls wearing a bronze crown and a hat made of copper - They were oxidized and slightly polished - The st. silver claps are included.


Tiny roses made of st. silve - The centre is adorned by a small silver drop - The back side of the earring that makes contact with the ear is made of st. silver too - The st. silver claps are included.


Gipsy bronze earrings - Hand-cut and handpolished to look like a vintage piece - They adorned by sparkly turquoise and pearl beads along with bronze chain - The earwires are from bronze too.



Fabric earrings.

more coming soon...


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